The Téka Foundation is a non-governmental organisation founded in 1993 and has a cultural, youth and educational profile of activity. Its activities cover the geographic area of Gherla city and villages from the region of the Plain of Transylvania.


The mission of the organisation is providing an insitution, material and spiritual framework for the development of education and culture in our city and in the region of the Plain of Transylvania. We support the formation of active communities based on real and specific values existing in this part of Europe.


Main objectives: Foundation of a Culture and Education Center in Gherla, Promoting ethnical diversity of the culture in this region; Supporting the education process through founding a boarding school for the students with a difficult social situation from the Plain of Transylvania; Developing the NGO sector in the region.




Project presentation:

Many remote villages from the region of the Plain of Transylvania are more disadvantaged than other rural communities of Transylvania . Among the problems this region is facing we could mention lack of employment (the majority of the population lives on agriculture practised after traditional models); population decrease; weak administrative infrastructure( roads,drinking water, sewerage etc.) and a weak social, cultural and educational infrastructure as well. Because of this, a general mentality has been formed, one that refuses any kind of renewal and accepts neglect. This indirectly leads to consequences like poverty, alcoholism, unraveling of families, survival from one day to the other.


Project presentation:

The Téka Foundation from Gherla established a boarding school for the students coming from this region in the year 2002. Presently we are looking after 125 children.


Our project offers an alternative and a possibility of solving this situation by assuring the access to the education process for the students coming from families with a precarious social situation, living in this area. We also contribute to assuring equality of opportunities of these students with those from the town, in what concerns access to education, to extracurricular activities designed to form different skills and competences, to services of psychological and pedagogical rehabilitation, etc.


Project objectives:

  • - Identifying the students with a difficult social situation from the villages of the Plain of Transylvania and registering in the boarding school those who either have a difficult social situation or don't have access to mandatory education in their villages of origin.
  • - Providing access to the registration process and ensuring the participation of the students to the classes in the state schools from Gherla
  • - Providing necessary conditions for the psychological-pedagogical rehabilitation of these young students, for developing a healthy personality and for endorsing an authentic value system
  • - Ensuring that the expenditures needed in order for our institution to operate are covered.
  • - Providing decent living conditions for the students living in the boarding school
  • - Promoting the integration of these students in the society

The target group comes from the following villages:: Sanmartin, Buza, Nasal, Taga, Geaca, Lacu, Feldioara, Puin, Camarasu, Chesau, Bontida, Rascruci, Jucu, Fodora, Badesti, Tiocu de Jos, Tiocu de Sus, Chidea, Cornesti, Luna, Salatiu, Ciresoaia, Unguras, Gherla, Fizesul Gherlii, Aghires, Pata, Cublesu Somesean, Visa, Aiton ( 29 villages and 1 city).

Number of beneficiaries: for the 2013 -2014 school year 125 students have been registered in classes between Vrd and XIIth.


Socio-economic characteristics of the target group:

- Unemployed parents
- Orphans raised by grandparents or relatives
- Rudimentary living conditions
- Chronically ill parents/parents with health problems
- Disintegrated families
- Families with many members/children
- Children coming from disadvantage regions
- Students coming from families with low income
- Students coming from areas with scarce access to social services
- Lack of infrastructure in the areas they come from
- Lack of education possibilities in their native villages


Carried-out activities/services and used methodologies

- Providing decent living conditions for the students in the boarding school ( 5 meals a day; accommodation in rooms with 6beds/shower, WC)
- Organizing the daily preparatory lessons
- Regular health assistance (through a hired health assistant) and in the healthcare units from the city, in case of emergency
- Providing weekly transport to/from home ( with the buses of our institution and with the regular transport services from the city)
- Psychological-pedagogical assistance for these students ( through employed qualified personnel)
- Collaboration with the education institutions from the city where these students are registered
- Organizing trips, contests or extracurricular/thematic activities


Project impact:

- We contribute to the social and intellectual reintegration and rehabilitation of the students
- We widen the area of interest in learning, we develop new skills and competences of the students by means of psycho-pedagogic and rehabilitation activities
- Contribution to the development of the student's personalities via the realistic, authentic value system we provide them.
- We insure a healthy alternative to the negative attitides and influences coming from the mass media
- Directly as well as indirectly, our project contributes to developing and changing mentalities of the local communities our students originate from

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